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Plants available, mid-February


From division – 4 years+

Single White, single freckled mauve, single red, single spotted pink, single pink freckled.

Also a few picotee and anemone flowered (semi-double) plants.

No doubles this year.

From seed, 3 three year old, first flowering plants.

White, light red spotting, ex Helleborus Guttatus, and assorted coloured seedlings.


Groundcover and small perennial plants, 9cm pots:

Pink and purple forms of Corydalis
Copper-leaved early flowering Ajuga (Bugle)

Dark-leaved late flowering Ajuga

Ground-cover violet, dark purple flowers, golden young leaves

Double blue vinca, white flowered variegated vinca (periwinkles) double Celandine, variegated leaves (Monksilver)
Celandine, large-flowered garden form.
Pulmonaria, blue shades, spotted leaves (lungwort).


Small quantities of garden snowdrops, double and tall single, species tulips, etc.

Native snowdrops in the green; small quantities will be available in March. To reserve, use the comments form.


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