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Starting from Ground Zero…

From a warm If relentlessly damp November – the last of the sweetcorn, nerines, and yellow cherry tomatoes – early December plunged the Atlantic North West into a coating of black ice.

When its grip loosened, after over a week, two metre tree peonies & flowering pheasantberry were reduced to brown rags. Many long-lived herbaceous perennials look unlikely to recover.

Local nurseries who grow on their own stock were hard-hit, and one local vegetable producer who lost Winter root stores has decided to quit in consequence.

A post on climate instability and its effects on garden ecosystems is overdue.)

From this starting-point is not possible to make a long-term plan or calendar for the season. Frogswell’s visiting days and plant sales for 2023 will be on ad hoc basis, and flagged via Twitter. @frogswell_ie

Spring – when it arrives – is too rapid and brief for frequent blogging!

Growth buds burst through the litter of dead leaves and seedpods on a hybrid tree peony – Paeonia delavayii x lutea.


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