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Evolution of the Garden


Frogswell evolved from a self-sufficiency project in the early ’90s to a plantsperson’s garden, with a wide range of species and cultivars by the millennium. By the time I took over, the only trace of a vegetable garden was the occasional volunteer potato in the hellebore trial beds.

A major focus of the first few years has been building up propagating stock of some of the most gardenworthy, perennial plants, mostly from a single specimen or clump.

The established collections of perennials in the garden:

  • Hybrid Hellebores, including occasional divisions from selected Tasmanian Elizabethtown Hybrids and Frogswell seedlings.
  • Spring Woodland Species, including North American & European woodlanders
  • Hardy Geraniums – a good colour range of G. phaeum. G. pratense, and G.oxoniense x thurstonianum

Currently under development is a collection of
Plants for Honeybees and other Pollinators.

Post-Brexit, Ireland is no longer represented in the RHS plant finder.

Frogswell’s Diverse Habitat Zones

March 2023

Zoning Frogswell

March 2023

1. Trees/fruit trees – awaiting restoration.

2. Buildings, polytunnels, Heritage Vegetable plot, gravel garden.

3. Cultivated woodland area, shade plants & shrubs.

4. Orchard: stock plants and herbaceous plantings.

5. Pond-side damp meadow: coppice with standards, native & naturalised understorey..

6. Natural regeneration: oak and holly succession to planted birches.

7. Bog and willow area

8. Native forage plant meadow


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